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eFront Office

    With eFront Office, investors can efficiently manage their alternative investment network (e.g., advisors, fund managers, general partners) with a CRM system tailored to fit the specificities of the alternative asset classes. Information is stored securely and is synchronized and shared across teams. Limited partners and other investors can monitor the status of their relationship with and commitments to fund managers, in order to execute upon their investment strategies and build the most relevant portfolio.

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    eFront Insight

      With eFront Insight, limited partners and other alternative investors can access the most advanced analytical platform and dissect the performance of their invested funds, managers and even performance across their portfolio. eFront Insight LP combines multiple data sources including eFront Data Intelligence (private markets data feed), eFront Pevara (private equity benchmark), Pitchbook, MSCI indices and hundreds of standard but configurable dashboards and charts. It helps investors surface unique insights about their performance and facilitates their decision-making regarding manager performance, secondaries and potential new investment opportunities.

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      eFront Pevara

        eFront Pevara is an alternative investment performance benchmark generated by eFront on a quarterly basis. It feeds some of its other solutions like eFront Insight and eFront Invest. It is also available standalone through the eFront Pevara portal that enables users to drill down on particular geographies, strategies, vintages and sizes and create custom benchmarks relevant to their own portfolios. Data is coming directly from contributing investors’ quarterly cash flows and is thoroughly normalized to avoid biases (e.g. from FX currencies) and duplicates. It helps investors accurately measure their own portfolio performance and assess prospective manager’s track records, in order to inform their portfolio construction strategy and decisions.

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        eFront VaR

          Private equity investors need a reliable measure of risk in their underlying portfolio assets in order to accurately assess their exposures and make portfolio construction decisions, such as secondary transactions and new fund commitments. eFront VaR offers an out-of-the-box solution for private equity professionals to accurately measure their risk exposure, leveraging a bottom-up methodology developed in collaboration with leading private equity academics and a granular data set down to transaction level, available through a powerful risk calculation platform including scenario modeling.

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