The alternative investment industry has been characterized by increasing competition and continuous technological disruptions. Now more than ever, asset servicers need a technology partner that can help them to optimize their operations and stay ahead. eFront Invest is a comprehensive solution for asset servicers that streamlines the management and administration of alternative investments, maximizing efficiency through automation. Leverage auditable processes, comprehensive workflows, fee and calculation automation, and a full general ledger accounting system in order to optimize your operations.

Key Product Features


eFront Invest enables fund administrators to use just one system for all investment needs (multi-GAAP, multi-currency, etc.) across all alternative asset classes. It is also fully integrated with eFront’s Solution Suite, enabling them to meet evolving business requirements including data aggregation (eFront Insight Data Services), performance analysis (eFront Insight), and investor reporting (eFront Investment Café).


Leverage a flexible, transaction-driven accounting system to accurately reflect all alternative investment activity with an exhaustive library of transactions including transactions for capital calls (investments and fees), distributions (all types of income), and subscriptions while also streamlining everything from amortization and tranche calculations to ledger consolidation and closing procedures.


eFront Invest equips asset servicers with the reporting they need in order to quickly and easily synthesize detailed transaction information and provide detailed performance analyses throughout complex investment structures, with dedicated modules thoroughly covering fees, debt, and hedging-related transactions.


Optimize efficiency and enforce regulatory policies with a wide selection of customized workflows and a system of automated notifications throughout the alternative investment administration cycle, in order to easily meet regulatory requirements including FATCA/CRS, AIFMD, and others.


Leverage eFront Invest’s Ready version developed from best practices and extensive industry experience, in order to secure a rapid deployment and an immediate fund admin solution.


eFront Invest offers the broadest feature set in alternative investment administration technology thanks to over 20 years of continuous innovation and development, so that you can always stay ahead of the latest industry and technological trends.

Key Stats

Years of constant innovation and development
of eFront Invest clients saved time in creating reports (Source:eFront Client Satisfaction Survey)
of eFront Invest clients saw fewer overall data and process errors (Source:eFront Client Satisfaction Survey)

Technology - as the instrument of change

BNP Paribas’ Securities Services business, the multi-asset servicing specialist of the BNP Paribas Group has been collaborating with eFront for over a decade to centralize its services on a single platform across multiple locations, streamline all operations and automate its workflows. Automation, increased efficiency and reduced operational risk have all contributed to delivering an even better service to clients.
Learn more about BNP Paribas' Securities Services business digital transformation. Learn more about BNP Paribas' Securities Services business digital transformation.
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Today’s Top Alternative Investment Challenges

  • Asset servicers need an intuitive and efficient solution that fully supports and streamlines Multi-GAAP accounting across all alternative investment classes and complex investment structures.

  • Tracking alternative investment positions at every level across multiple software platforms and excel files is time-consuming and error prone.

  • Achieving profitable operating margins is challenging amidst ever-increasing competition and pressure on fees.

  • Asset servicers need a technology partner capable of keeping them ahead of the competition in a digitally evolving industry.

  • In order to meet increasing client expectations and stringent regulatory requirements, asset servicers need a best in class compliance system encompassing comprehensive workflows and auditing tools combined with robust reporting functionalities.

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