Unorganized email chains and complex document sharing tools can quickly complicate investor relationships, making it challenging for general partners to keep up with reporting requests. eFront Investment Café transforms investor relationship management, providing a modern, clean and easy to use cloud-based investor portal in order to guarantee investors secure access to information anytime, anywhere and from any device. Improve communication, strengthen investor relations, and free up time with eFront Investment Café.

Key Product Features


Securely upload and share sensitive information from your firm with investors, leveraging secured access to documents and data through an intuitive investor relations portal.


Tailor your portal and customize content in order to promote your own brand.


Control access and use of information by managing who gets to see and download information within the portal.


Exceed the demands of the most sophisticated investors thanks to predefined business-centric widgets (e.g., capital account summaries, tables, charts and maps) and customizable dashboards.


Enable your investors to access the portal with high-quality interfaces from any device thanks to a responsive design, flat user interface design, and mobile-first mindset.

eFront Investment Café Explainer Video

Key Stats

funds report with the eFront Investment Café portal
countries represented in the user base
unique users access the eFront Investment Café portal
million reports are shared through the portal

Today’s Top Challenges for Investor Relationship Management

  • Sending out documents and data manually is costly and error-prone.

  • Managing investor requests is stressful and time-consuming.

  • Inefficient tools and portals struggle to meet increased reporting demands.

  • Sensitive information requires secure delivery and full audit controls.

  • 87% of investors today prefer to receive their reports through digital portals.

How will the eFront Investment Café portal impact your investor relationship management?

  • A clean and modern front-end experience means investor relationship management and reporting is simple. Through the intuitive investor portal, users can easily configure their dashboard to their liking, thanks to a variety of predefined business-centric widgets, making it possible for users to drill up, down, and across visualizations.

  • eFront Investment Café’s dynamic data visualizations help general partners to increase investor satisfaction and product stickiness. An intuitive user experience empowers investors to get the information they need quickly, without having to wait for a reply. The investor portal’s prebuilt dashboards, account summaries, tables, and charts are all a click away.

  • Secured document viewing and publishing makes it easy to keep your investors in the loop, while advanced admin tools allow you to easily restrict and monitor access. eFront Investment Café’s secure content management system allows users to create documents, view and filter lists of available documents, and obtain a clear picture of documents with pending due dates. Quickly & easily create useful information on your portal to allow your investors to see timely, important updates from your firm. Keep your information private and avoid miscommunication.

  • Stress-free portal services and multilingual support keep your operations moving forward smoothly. The eFront Investment Café investor portal was designed with flexibility in mind, enabling general partners to easily scale up and down to meet fluctuating demands. When your staff is stretched, or there is an important deadline looming, our document services team is also on call to help—we can serve as a back office extension and will process documents or perform data management tasks.

  • eFront Investment Café’s streamlined structure and automated tools help general partners to optimize their operations and maximize efficiency so that they can spend more time on high value-added tasks. General partners can quickly and effortlessly read, split, rename, and assign documents to appropriate investor accounts thanks to the investor portal’s advanced document splitting and loading tools.

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