As a growing number of limited partners seek to grow their exposure to alternative investments, it has become increasingly imperative that they maintain thoroughly efficient operations and a single source of truth for their alternative investment data. eFront Invest LP is a web-based, end-to-end software solution for LPs that streamlines alternative investment management, from operational and portfolio management to performance evaluation and reporting, ensuring that LPs have complete transparency into every level of their investments.

Key Product Features


Limited partners in need of an immediate solution can leverage eFront Invest LP’s Ready version developed from industry best practices and over 15 years of experience, in order to secure a rapid deployment.


Optimize operations across the entire team, thanks to a large variety of workflow options addressing every aspect of alternative investment management.


Accurately reflect all alternative investment activity with an exhaustive library of transactions covering both direct and indirect ownership structures including transactions for capital calls (investments and fees), distributions (with or without recallable provisions), and subscriptions.


Synthesize detailed transaction information with powerful report generation tools that enable LPs to monitor countless operations from commitments and ownership to cash flows and balances.


Efficiently enforce regulatory policies in areas such as portfolio management, data governance, and workflow management thanks to a system of automated notifications throughout the alternative investment administration cycle.


Leverage the most advanced software solution for alternative investment management and seamlessly interface with core accounting and reporting systems, ensuring best-in-class alternative investment management.

reduction in the quantity of errors
limited partners on board
of eFront Invest clients affirm its data quality & consistency
of the top 10 LPs worldwide use eFront solutions

Today’s Top Alternative Investment Management Challenges

  • Generalist software and systems overlook the features and requirements specific to alternative asset classes.

  • Maintaining ready access to alternative investment positions data is challenging.

  • Evaluating performance and generating reports often requires complex consolidations.

  • Unstructured and manual processes result in frequent errors in investment administration data.

  • Increasingly complex investment structures make it imperative to track positions at every level.

How will eFront Invest LP impact your alternative investment management?

  • eFront Invest’s workflow and compliance tools enable LPs to streamline and optimize team performance across complex investment structures. Repeatable and auditable processes enable LPs to strengthen the integrity and traceability of information while promoting auditability across investments. Thanks to a simplified transaction-driven accounting system specifically designed to meet the nuances of a diverse set of alternative investments, LPs can save time and resources.

  • Thanks to the prepackaged software configuration of eFront Invest LP’s Ready version leveraging over 15 years of best practices and experience, LPs can get up and running in no time. eFront’s flexible solutions ensure that LPs can seamlessly scale and expand their usage of both eFront Invest LP and the rest of the eFront Solution Suite, integrating capabilities as they go in order to meet evolving business requirements.

  • eFront Invest LP enables limited partners to maximize their efficiency and minimize manual errors through the automation of countless processes from general ledger entries to complex transactions, thereby ensuring the consistency and quality of their data. Powerful analytics improve the accuracy of complicated calculations throughout the investment cycle including FX, debt, and hedging-related transactions.

  • Automation dramatically reduces the time required to produce reports while at the same time increasing the ease of use and efficiency of report generation, enabling LPs to gain full transparency throughout their entire alternative investment structure without delay. eFront Invest LP fully supports a wide range of formatting including excel, word, pdf, fully customizable dashboards, and queries.

  • eFront Invest LP combines a broad feature set custom designed for alternative investments with the benefits from full integration with the eFront Solution Suite, in order to provide LPs with one source of truth for their alternative investments. LPs can easily interface with their core corporate software and systems in order to leverage these benefits throughout their investment cycle.

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eFront® for Insurers

As capital markets evolve and allocations in private markets increase, insurers not only face operational challenges by relying on multiple systems, spreadsheets and manual processes but their need for unifying whole portfolios across public and private assets has never been more pressing. Learn more how Blackrock’s eFront® technology, integrated with the Aladdin platform, helps provide a consolidated view of risk across public and private assets, portfolio optimization and integrated tools for alternatives management.
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