Ever increasing deal prices, changing regulations, and growing investor demands make it imperative for direct investors to maintain a best in class system to help them generate value from their alternative asset portfolios. eFront Portfolio Monitoring (PM) streamlines and automates all portfolio monitoring activities from data collection and standardization all the way to advanced analysis and investor reporting, leveraging eFront’s unparalleled experience in alternative investment technologies and software.

eFront Portfolio Monitoring Explainer Video

Key Product Features


Streamline and automate your data collection process through eFront Portfolio Monitoring’s external investee portal. Through this secure investee portal you can utilize an excel-based process and plugin to collect data directly from portfolio companies.


Visualize the performance of your portfolio through eFront Portfolio Monitoring’s powerful dashboards. With the most configurable and fastest dashboard technology, eFront Portfolio Monitoring enables you to gain new insights into your portfolios.


Leverage eFront Portfolio Monitoring’s automated report generator to quickly and easily share information with your LPs, regardless of whether they use IDS, AltExchange compliant, or customized templates. With additional features enabling the full traceability of all report figures and analyses, GPs can have increased confidence in their reports. Make investor reporting a seamless process with eFront Portfolio Monitoring.


Leverage powerful software, designed specifically for alternative fund management teams, to calculate indicators and ratios across your portfolio. eFront Portfolio Monitoring enables you to automate complex and time-consuming tasks effortlessly. Thanks to an intuitive excel add-in, you can further incorporate analysis and investor reporting capabilities from excel. With eFront Portfolio Monitoring’s predefined library of calculations you can easily analyze, forecast, and report on your alternative investment portfolios.


Leverage eFront Portfolio Monitoring for effortless ESG data collection and analyze ESG information throughout the life of your investments.


eFront Portfolio Monitoring features tight integration with the eFront suite, ensuring one consistent source of truth for eFront clients.

Key Stats

less time to produce monthly reports (Source: Real Client Case Studies)
months to deploy the software solution
less time spent on manually uploading data into the systems (Source: Real Client Case Studies)
increased confidence in data (Source: Real Client Case Studies)

Today’s Top Challenges for Portfolio Monitoring

  • Manual spreadsheet consolidation processes lead to errors and gaps in data.

  • Repetitive tasks, including data reconciliation and currency conversions, detract from time budgeted for high value-added tasks.

  • Low-quality data sets drastically limit the level of analysis that can be performed.

  • Ever changing regulatory environments require private equity funds to respond with more disclosure and proactive reporting.

  • Investors are ramping up their requests for more detailed, customized information from private equity funds.

  • Historical dependencies on manual processes make it challenging to scale operations.

How eFront Portfolio Monitoring impact your alternative investments?

Enhanced Data Governance
Utilize automated data collection software and a dedicated investee portal in order to efficiently gather, validate, and systematically normalize data.
Greater Access to Information
eFront Portfolio Monitoring’s powerful analytics enable GP’s to perform analyses they previously did not have the time or resources for.
Improved Efficiency
eFront Portfolio Monitoring’s dedicated investee portal enables users to quickly and easily gather high quality data directly from portfolio companies.
Increased Confidence in Reporting
eFront Portfolio Monitoring stores all changes to the collected data in a central repository.
Higher Investor Satisfaction
With eFront Portfolio Monitoring, quarterly reports can be generated with just one click.

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