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Limited partners have a growing need to streamline their operations while monitoring portfolios that are increasingly allocated to alternative investments. Whether you are a pension fund, insurance company, endowment fund, bank, or family office, eFront’s limited partner software covers your entire investment cycle: from due diligence and portfolio planning to portfolio tracking and advanced performance and risk analysis.

The eFront Solution Suite for Limited Partners

  • Streamline Communications

    eFront Office enables limited partners to optimize their deal flow processes, from contact management and deal tracking to workflow optimization, all from one centralized location.
  • Monitor Direct Investments

    eFront Portfolio Monitoring streamlines and automates all portfolio monitoring activities from data collection and standardization all the way to advanced analysis and investor reporting.
  • Manage Alternative Investments

    eFront’s limited partner alternative investment management software streamlines alternative investment processes, from operational and portfolio management to performance evaluation and reporting, ensuring operational efficiency.
  • Enhance Data and Analytics

    With high-quality investment and benchmark data, eFront’s limited partner analytics software enables LPs to generate superior insights, enhancing their decision making for due diligence and portfolio construction processes.
  • Streamline ESG Data Collection

    Limited partner portfolio monitoring software provides effortless ESG data collection. LPs can analyze ESG information throughout the life of their investments.
  • Take Benchmarking to the Next Level

    eFront Insight's Research module is the part of eFront Insight that incorporates reliable alternative investment benchmarks and performance metrics in sophisticated, high-quality, white-labelled reports on portfolio data.
  • Access Granular Data

    eFront Insight Data Services (IDS) streamlines the exchange of data between limited and general partners through its SaaS-based information portal supported by data collection services.

Are insurers disruptive or disrupted?

Listen to our take in this conversation between Georgette Anderson, Director, Business Development, and Brett Sadler, Managing Director, Aladdin Client Engagement, where they cover key topics within insurance investment management: M&A activity, a hyper-connected IBOR/ABOR, and a view of the whole portfolio (public + private markets).

Transforming through data

NEVER DONE podcast
NEVER DONE podcast /
Transforming through data

Candace Shaw, Senior Managing Director, Deputy Chief Investment Officer & Chief Operating Officer, SLC Management, discusses the importance of robust data management practices, the challenge posed by legacy systems, and where she sees growth opportunities in the future.

eFront® for Insurers

As capital markets evolve and allocations in private markets increase, insurers not only face operational challenges by relying on multiple systems, spreadsheets and manual processes but their need for unifying whole portfolios across public and private assets has never been more pressing. Learn more how Blackrock’s eFront® technology, integrated with the Aladdin platform, helps provide a consolidated view of risk across public and private assets, portfolio optimization and integrated tools for alternatives management.
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Today’s Top Challenges for Limited Partners

  • Tracking investment positions and maintaining complex investment structures with total accuracy is often challenging and time-consuming.

  • Limited partners need high-quality, standardized data to generate value-enhancing analytical insights. However, collecting and validating granular data can become a significant burden for most limited partner organizations.

  • Limited partners need a robust software system that enables them to quickly and accurately assess risk and evaluate performance drivers while predicting the various outcomes of their portfolio.

  • Managing all processes through one dedicated solution suite eliminates errors and inefficiencies that can result from having multiple financial software systems.

  • Limited partners need a system that empowers them to efficiently evaluate and select the most promising managers and funds.

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