Investors seeking to benchmark the performance of their funds need insightful analytics capabilities. Unfortunately, commonly available data and benchmarks are often inaccurate and biased. eFront Insight’s Research module incorporates reliable alternative investment benchmarks and performance metrics in sophisticated, high-quality, white-labelled reports on portfolio data. With advanced analytics, the system can improve analytical capacity and efficiency so that investors can devote more time to strategic analysis and decision-making.

Key Product Features


The data in the Insight's Research module database is directly sourced from investors, ensuring the accuracy you need in order to reliably benchmark the performance of your alternative investments.


The wide variety of contributors in terms of geographical location, investment strategy, and vintage prevents occurrences of bias within the Research module database.


Using weighted blends, you can conduct like-for-like comparisons of the benchmark against your fund performance.


Using weighted blends, you can conduct like-for-like comparisons of the benchmark against your fund performance.


Insight's Research module allows for quick and easy extraction of data via multiple formats. Additionally, it is tightly integrated with the Insight platform, ensuring clients’ portfolios are readily available in the Research module for further analysis.


The Research module is a sophisticated benchmarking tool within Insight, offering dynamic visualization through drag and drop functionalities. It includes an extensive library of charts and tables covering a large array of calculations such as IRR, multiples, modified dietz calculations, and quartile rankings.

Weeks after quarter end, benchmarks are published
Filters available by region, strategy, vintage, fund size, and status
Readymade charts and dashboards available

Today’s Top Alternative Investment Benchmarking Challenges


Other benchmarks often skew performance assessments due to biases and systematic oversights ranging from FX errors to data point duplications.


Unclear and restrictive benchmark criteria makes it difficult to ensure like-for-like comparisons.


The gap between quarter end and when benchmarks are actually published is too large; earlier access to data is imperative.


Benchmarks are cumbersome to access and complicated to customize.


Performing sophisticated analysis and generating insight is almost impossible with commonly available alternative investment benchmark data.

How will Insight's Research module impact your alternative investments?

  • Insight's Research module incorporates data from a large number of contributors globally, with a large diversity of investor types including pension funds and fund of funds. Our large contributor base ensures that our database does not contain geographical, strategic, or vintage-based biases. The Insight's Research team follows through collection and validation protocols that ensure the accuracy of our data through the identification of inconsistencies, null values, missing funds/data, etc. The team also normalizes data, removes duplicates, neutralizes currency effects, and compares vintages.

  • Insight's Research module features a customizable library of 200+ charts and analysis options in addition to a variety of benchmarking tools and performance metrics (IRRs, TWRs, performance multiples, PME comparisons, etc.) that allow investors to leverage the database in order to evaluate portfolios and accurately benchmark investment performance. Furthermore, the Research module features tight integration with the eFront Solutions Suite for even more access to detailed analyses and tools. Draw from a comprehensive library of predefined KPIs and dashboards to generate insights.

  • Insight's Research module features simple navigation, rich predefined functionalities, and easy-to-use dashboard customization tools. With streamlined capabilities, you can drag and drop charts into your workbook and apply a variety of filters with just a click. The Research module features strong import/export capabilities that allow you to effortlessly incorporate your own data sets and to share your analyses in both pdf and excel.

  • Our talented team of Insight Research analysts works with investors in order to directly source anonymized data. Through our streamlined collection and validation processes, we are able to provide best in class benchmark data in an easy-to-use format via Insight's Research module in record time with benchmarks typically available within 8-10 weeks of quarter end.

  • The Research module, as a part of a SaaS solution, is making adoption easier, keeping costs lower, and ensuring instant upgrades and seamless integration. Access the Research module through your online browser with just a simple login. The Research module is regularly updated based on client feedback, and the software and analytics are upgraded in line with industry trends and ever more accurate datasets. Our SaaS performance monitoring services ensure that we provide you with the most up-to-date data and modern software available.

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