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Private equity professionals need a solution that can streamline and centralize the entire investment cycle, optimize processes, and enhance data and reporting. With six modular products, eFront's private equity software empowers alternative investment professionals to make fact-based decisions to mitigate risk, maximize the performance of their direct and indirect portfolios, and respond to ever-growing regulatory and investor reporting needs.

How does eFront support general partners investing in private equity?

  • Performance Evaluation

    General partners can assess their performance across multiple dimensions using sophisticated private equity analytics software. Understand how prospective investors perceive past performance to better prepare for the due diligence process.
  • Fundraising

    Manage the entire fundraising process from AML and KYC verifications and contact management to investor onboarding and closing.
  • Deal Sourcing

    Streamline deal-sourcing activities with eFront Office private equity deal management software. eFront Office offers one centralized location to easily track deal financial performance and manage due diligence processes, including deal expenses.
  • Data Collection and Portfolio Monitoring

    Streamline the collection of portfolio company-level data to accurately assess and compare forecasted, budgeted and actual performance at the portfolio, investment and asset levels.
  • Valuations

    Build advanced valuation models incorporating private and public comparable analyses.
  • Investment and Fund Management

    Map investment structures, including JV and waterfall partnerships, while tracking and forecasting fund- and investor-level cash flows and returns.
  • Fund Administration and Accounting

    Book and monitor transactions, make capital calls and drawdowns, support internal and investor reporting, and feed third-party accounting solutions with a fully-functional general ledger solution.
  • Investor Reporting

    Automatically produce industry-standard reports and custom templates. Seamlessly share information with LPs, asset servicers, and consultants. Enhance investor relationship management with streamlined reporting processes.
  • Investor Relations

    Manage fund reporting through dedicated workflow tools using this cloud-based private equity investor portal. Quickly and easily share information with investors thanks to secure data rooms and interactive dashboards.

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How does eFront support limited partners investing in private equity?

  • Portfolio Construction

    Compare actual portfolio profiles with desired risk-return ratios, modeling scenarios to inform investment strategy and portfolio design decisions.
  • Pipeline Management

    Manage a fund manager network and steer an investment opportunity pipeline effectively across an organization. Avoid missing important investment opportunities and fill information gaps in one centralized location.
  • Manager Selection

    Conduct thorough assessments of incoming investment opportunities at scale through advanced and automated track record analytics.
  • Portfolio Data Collection

    Quickly access granular and high-quality data about investments down to underlying assets through this private equity eFront solution. Accurate and standardized data offers the necessary information to efficiently make informed investment decisions.
  • Operations Management

    Efficiently and accurately manage, track and audit operations related to investments across a portfolio. Optimize operations across a whole investment cycle using best-in-class private equity management software.
  • Positions Tracking

    Monitor and track exposures at a granular level through a rich set of predefined dashboards and reports. eFront’s end-to-end software solution can enhance position tracking and meet the nuances of a diverse set of alternative asset classes.
  • Performance and Risk Analysis

    Measure the actual performance and risk of a portfolio through advanced analytics combining indices, benchmarks and other data sources.
  • Direct Investments Monitoring

    Rely on expert portfolio monitoring software for data collection, performance, and trends related to direct investments.

Key product benefit

Increased transparency
Streamlined operations
Reduced operational risk
Faster internal and external reporting

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