As a rising number of limited partners seek to grow their exposure to alternative investments, securing high-quality data and powerful analytics has become increasingly imperative to attaining top quartile performance. With reliable investment and benchmark databest in class data collection service and ESG risk detection, eFront Insight LP enables limited partners to generate superior insights, enhancing their decision making for due diligence and portfolio construction processes.

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Key Product Features


Thanks to eFront Insight’s intuitive interface, you can get up and running with zero time required for implementation and training. By leveraging standards and a known data source, eFront Insight removes the need for lengthy and costly setup projects, enabling investors to generate insights immediately.


Streamline your entire due diligence process through eFront Insight’s Deal Rooms. Directly access and evaluate deal packs in order to analyze alternative investment opportunities and historical performance.


Through the eFront Insight platform, directly access and utilize both Insight's Research module and PitchBook, the industry’s most reliable and accurate benchmark sources. Leverage custom-weighted benchmarking capabilities to add new levels of insight to your analysis.


Accurately compare your actual portfolio profile with your desired risk-return ratio, modelling scenarios to inform your alternative investment strategy and portfolio design decisions.


eFront Insight incorporates all of the alternative investment data and tools limited partners need, empowering them to build and share their own insights into portfolios. LPs can quickly and easily access ready-to-go data and deal packs, perform advanced analytics, and generate pre-built charts, all from one centralized platform.


The eFront Insight platform integrates data directly from eFront Insight Data Services, eFront’s best-in-class data collection service. Sourced directly from GPs and subjected to rigorous validation protocols, IDS data has become the standard for data granularity and integrity. Fund-level data and precise benchmarks are also integrated directly from PitchBook in order to boost the agility and efficiency of private market analyses.

Today’s Top Alternative Investment Data Challenges

  • Accessing complete sets of high quality, granular private market data is challenging.

  • Typically available private market performance benchmarks generate little insight and are difficult to access and customize.

  • Available tools do not reliably assess and compare the actual performance and risk of different alternative investment fund managers.

  • Due diligence procedures are greatly constrained by the challenges in accurately assessing the impact of potential investments on existing portfolios.

  • Advanced analysis of portfolio and investment opportunities often requires third party support due to limited or constrained in-house capabilities.

How will eFront Insight LP impact your alternative investment data?

  • eFront Insight ensures that limited partners receive the data they need faster than ever before without wasting time and resources on complicated data collection and validation procedures. An intuitive graphical user interface featuring object-based navigation enables LPs to quickly and easily generate cutting edge insights with zero time required for implementation and learning.

  • Thanks to its peer-to-peer SaaS-based ecosystem, eFront Insight allows limited partners to complete all of their due diligence and alternative investment related activities from one centralized location. LPs can directly communicate with GPs, review deal packs, and perform powerful analysis all from the streamlined eFront Insight Sustainability platform, making it the go-to location for any sophisticated deal team.

  • For the first time, investors are able to feed their own data into a ready-made simulation to provide meaningful probability distributions for a portfolio’s NAV evolution and cash positions over time. Scenario distributions provide meaningful, actionable data on which to base investment tactics. Investors can benchmark the performance of their investments and perform due diligence thanks to eFront Insight’s benchmarking and deal room features.

  • eFront Insight leverages eFront Insight Data Services and its Research module in order to provide a customizable library of 200+ charts and analysis options in addition to a variety of benchmarking tools and performance metrics (IRRs, TWRs, performance multiples, PME comparisons, quartile rankings, etc.) that allow investors to evaluate portfolios and accurately benchmark performance. eFront Insight features tight integration with the entire eFront Solution Suite for even more access to detailed analyses and tools.

  • eFront Insight LP leverages proven processes to handle the data collection, transformation, and validation. Through the use of technology and automation, IDS reduces the risk of errors coming from manual data correction and updates in order to ensure 24/7 access to an accurate and granular set of data.

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