An increasing demand for granular data and customized reporting has made it ever more important for general partners to maintain efficient investor engagement and reporting practices. With eFront Insight, general partners can access an intuitive platform centered on digitizing private market data exchanges, empowering them to streamline investor communications and data exchanges while generating innovative insights into their alternative investments.

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Key Product Features


Our automated data checks and team of over 60 highly competent data analysts ensure that the alternative investment data you provide to your investors is complete and coherent, with any anomalies reported for verification before submission.


General partners can leverage eFront Insight Data Services standard templates in order to upload their information to the eFront Insight platform. With the click of a button, they can then generate common investor reporting templates, including ILPA, AltExchange, and vendor or advisor specific templates.


eFront Insight gives general partners the control they need over their deal packs and LP interactions, empowering them to streamline the entire deal pack distribution process and directly submit alternative investment information packs to LPs in a consolidated data set.


Leverage detailed quartile rankings and analytical tools from eFront Insight's Research module and other industry benchmarks in order to accurately and efficiently compare your own performance with that of your peers from both an investment performance and data provisioning perspective.


Utilize a dedicated set of prebuilt analytical charts in order to preview how your data and analysis will appear to LPs. Through this specialized viewing mode, eFront Insight allows general partners greater understanding into how their LPs both view and interpret information.


Access all of the tools necessary for investor engagement, from data and analytics to performance benchmarking and reporting, via one centralized platform.

Key Stats

managers use eFront to exchange quarterly data
of prebuilt configurable data views
time required to get up and running
validation rules

Today’s Top Alternative Investment Challenges

  • Investors are requiring a greater quantity of granular data from their fund managers, in addition to quarterly reports.

  • Every quarter, fund managers must redirect costly resources towards filling in numerous reporting templates, with different content for each of their investors.

  • Fund managers have little insight into how their investors interpret and use the data they provide.

  • Fund managers struggle to control who can ultimately access their data, especially in light of ever increasing regulations such as the Freedom of Information Act.

  • Providing the due-diligence data and track records required by investors during fundraising cycles is often a bespoke, time-consuming process.

How will eFront Insight GP impact your alternative investments?

  • The eFront Insight GP platform facilitates efficient exchanges of information, enabling general partners to quickly respond to LP data and template requests. General partners can realize significant time savings by completing and uploading our standardized template, from which a variety of industry reporting templates (ILPA, AltExchange, specific advisor templates, etc.) are automatically generated. Information can be shared with LPs with the click of a button, removing the need to maintain a manual information tracking system.

  • eFront Insight enables general partners to review their alternative investment data using the exact same analytical charts and tools used by their investors. Thanks to this feature, GPs have complete transparency on the KPIs used to evaluate performance and can better gauge how their investors will interpret the data and analysis they provide, allowing them to better manage investor engagement.

  • eFront Insight features a library of charts and analysis options in addition to a variety of benchmarking tools and performance metrics (IRRs, TWRs, performance multiples, PME comparisons, etc.). Thanks to the incorporation of eFront Pevara benchmarking tools, and the data contributions from 1000s of managers, eFront Insight is able to provide GPs with immediate feedback on their data completion and quartile rankings. GPs are able to benchmark their own performance against that of the entire GP pool.

  • A combination of advanced validation technologies, best in class processes, and a dedicated team of data analysts ensures that alternative investment data is complete, accurate, and granular. With data quality guaranteed, general partners are thereby able to provide their investors with a rich source of information.

  • eFront Insight GP allows fund managers to load their deal packs and track records into the platform, and then monitor and track access to their data through deal monitoring dashboards. In addition, deal pack templates provide full coverage of the data points required by other vendors, enabling eFront Insight’s template generator to create and populate the data to be loaded into other platforms.

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