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eFront Invest

    As a growing number of limited partners and other alternative investors expand their exposure to alternative asset classes, they need a robust and feature-rich solution to keep track of their commitments and capital calls, monitor their specific positions and exposures granularly across managers and investment vehicles and comply with their reporting and regulatory duties. eFront Invest LP is the reference system for limited partners and other alternative investors looking for a world-class solution to manage alternative investments. It offers the broadest set of features available on the market specifically designed for alternative investing and enriched twice a year to keep up with emerging alternative investment practices and regulations. It can be easily interfaced with consolidation systems.

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    eFront Portfolio Monitoring

      Direct investments from investors in alternative assets, especially in private equity, are on the rise as investors seek to increase their returns and build direct investing capabilities. In doing so, they need similar system capabilities as a general partner to track their direct investment positions. eFront Portfolio Monitoring (PM) is built specifically for this purpose. It enables direct investors to accurately track their investments, perform sophisticated KPI calculations at asset and portfolio levels, and visualize them in standard and configurable industry-leading dashboards. It is fully integrated with eFront Invest LP, enabling limited partners to have one source of truth and one system to manage all of their alternative investments, whether direct or indirect.

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