eFront Office enables alternative investors to optimize their deal flow and fundraising pipelines while maximizing investor engagement. Through eFront Office, investors can easily access a variety of CRM functionalities ranging from contact management and pipeline tracking to workflow optimization, all from one centralized location. Leverage a streamlined software solution in order to make the most of your pipeline.

Key Product Features

Analytical Dashboards

Manage deal flow and fundraising pipelines with a series of dynamic dashboards in order to easily track and analyze pipeline at a variety of levels including investor type, manager, interest level, industry, user, currency, stage, and more.

CRM Functionalities

Organize, store, and track key alternative investment information including contact information, investment and commitment figures, appointments, notes, and tasks in order to maintain a single source of pipeline information for your entire team while maximizing investor engagement.

Regulatory Compliance Tools

Leverage detailed information and a single source of truth in order to quickly and easily meet regulatory compliance and tax requirements.

Dedicated Workflows

Track and monitor alternative investment opportunities throughout the pipeline with a variety of customizable workflow options, promoting transparency and efficiency across your entire organization.

Microsoft Outlook Plugin

Sync with Microsoft Outlook in order to both access detailed information from eFront Office while in your email, and to effortlessly incorporate information from your email into eFront Office, promoting efficiency and organization throughout your pipeline.

Today’s Top CRM Challenges for Alternative Investors

Unorganized CRM and pipeline management software systems can result in losing important investment opportunities and investors.

Juggling a variety of software systems and information sources across a team can result in information gaps between team members.

It can be difficult and time-consuming to interface between different software applications, making it a challenge to seamlessly manage the entire alternative investment cycle.

Finding a system that can handle all of the requirements of alternative investments, as well as company specific needs, is challenging.

It is difficult to organize and analyze detailed information on deal flow and fundraising pipelines with currently available tools.

How will eFront Office impact your alternative investments?

Increased Flexibility
Best of Breed System
Increased Transparency
Expanded Integration
Enhanced Performance

Just as with the rest of the eFront Solution Suite, eFront Office was designed to allow for a high level of customization. Our professional services team is dedicated to ensuring an end product that meets all of your needs.

With nearly two decades of experience creating software solutions for the alternative investment industry, eFront incorporates a variety of best practices and industry knowledge into the development and deployment of its products in order to support clients with a dedicated solution suite built specifically for alternative investments.

eFront Office provides a centralized approach to information storage. Thanks to a direct Microsoft Outlook plugin and thorough workflow tools, eFront Office prevents information gaps through a single and accessible source of information for your entire team.

The eFront Solution Suite features seamless integration between its products, empowering you to smoothly transition throughout the different stages of the investment life cycle. Limited partners can easily track their deal flow from the lead stage all the way to their exit, while general partners can effortlessly track potential commitments and investor engagement through the exit of their fund.

eFront Office provides a robust solution to common organizational challenges, ensuring that tasks, emails, events, appointments, and contacts are never forgotten so that you and your team never miss out on an opportunity.

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