In 2015, NIBC decided to orient its IT strategy towards hosted software solutions, moving away from on premise models. At that point in time, there were more than 300 systems and applications running on premises. As a leading bank, though, NIBC was faced with the highest levels of regulation and security compliance. In order to implement a hosted software solution, NIBC’s IT team would need a detailed knowledge of the different systems involved.

eFront and NIBC proactively partnered from the beginning in order to prevent the following risks associated with a transition to SaaS solutions:

  • Performance: Lack of access to services due to Internet outages
  • Security: Data security risks dependent on data storage
  • Time to Market: Time to deploy the software
  • Costs: Management of the total cost of infrastructure and operations

NIBC is using eFront Invest GP, hosted by eFront. Within this solution, NIBC uses the following eFront services and modules:

  • eFront Hosting: eFront software is installed on eFront’s managed infrastructure
  • eFront Core: CRM functionalities
  • eFront Investment: Tracking and reporting on alternative investment transactions
  • eFront GL: Management of alternative investment accounting activities
  • eFront Report Designer: Creation and delivery of tailored reports

“We did not notice any hiccups anywhere during this project.”
Joris van Dijk, Head of Operations Equity and Funds.

“The system is reliable, secured and easy to upgrade.”
Sjoerd Buis, Vice President Fund Administration, Alternative Investments

Key Benefits


Secured data and compliance with the highest regulatory standards (e.g., SOCA)


Implementation of a full SaaS solution without a decrease in the level of performance


Increased time and resources available to NIBC’s IT team thanks to eFront’s extensive knowledge and experience in hosting software

Process and Documentation

Established clear escalation protocols in the event of technical incidents. Clear production of documentation during and after the project

Product Impact

Time saved on upgrading systems
9 out of 10
For system reliability and availability
Increase in overall system performance

About NIBC

Firm Type: Corporate & Retail Bank
HQ: Netherlands
Website: www.nibc.comNIBC is an enterprising bank focused on matching their clients’ can-do attitude with their own THINK YES mentality. From their offices in The Hague, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London and Brussels, NIBC serves around 600 mid-market businesses and more than 400,000 retail clients through a portfolio of client-focused products and services.
NIBC manages 9 funds, predominantly investing in Benelux, infrastructure, technology, and innovation technology companies.

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