eFront READY for GPs: Maximize value from day one

As part of our ongoing effort to meet the evolving needs of our clients, we have developed eFront READY for GPs (“READY”), a pre-configured solution covering the full investment fund life cycle and acting as a single source of truth. READY is designed to help general partners work more productively and increase investor satisfaction while achieving profound levels of insight into investment operations and performance.

What is eFront READY for GPs?

eFront READY for GPs is our best-practice solution created to be used out-of-the-box by everyone from smaller GPs to larger clients. READY acts as a starting point for future implementations: Multi-asset managers like BlackRock use a combination of Aladdin and eFront READY for GPs to view both their public and private market holdings through the whole portfolio solution.

READY comes equipped with powerful tools serving every part of the fund life cycle, delivered through a set of user profiles that cover the needs of private markets professionals. With READY, our clients can easily adhere to the reporting standards of industry-recognized associations like ILPA and can adopt the guidance and reporting standards in a cost-effective way.

Gone are the days of lengthy implementations.

READY follows a stringent implementation methodology, leading to milestone achievements within quicker timeframes. The faster timeframe encompasses both any necessary data migration and fully onboarding the new client. READY has reduced overall implementation times by up to 70%, thus providing new clients with access to their data more quickly and efficiently.

READY comes with standard Excel templates to upload data directly into eFront. The templates can include data such as transactions, workflows, and accounting entries. The accounting entries are based on international accounting standards to accurately represent the accounting book of records.

During implementation, we provide fully interactive classroom and online training courses with hands-on software simulations to aid our clients’ adoption and overall usage of eFront. With this approach, our clients can begin using eFront quickly and robustly.

Adding value straight out of the gate.

eFront READY for GPs is equipped with pre-built options for various user roles so that each team member can access the relevant features that make their day more efficient. These roles include accounting, deal management, investor relations, operations and risk, portfolio monitoring, and system administrator.

For instance, when an accounting superuser logs in, they immediately see tiled menu items that provide direct access to funds, general ledgers, fees, and more, while a dropdown menu offers additional options.

eFront READY for GPs is built on industry best practices. Industry standards such as ILPA and IFRS, along with our own client feedback, inform the user roles, modules, tools, and reporting capabilities. These built-in standards cut down the manual effort required for regular investor reporting.

Simplicity is key.

READY is packed with features that simplify specific tasks and enable users to dedicate time to more value-added activities. For example, the smart desktop provides easy access to information while predefined workflows streamline and facilitate key tasks, thus reducing manual work.

A deal manager has access to team utilization reports as well as deal pipelines and one-pagers summarizing the key information attributes at both the pipeline and individual deal level.

Information gathered at the due diligence stage, along with ongoing and projected targets for active investments, as well as current positional data and expected exit strategy analysis, empowers a portfolio manager to make informed investment decisions for their portfolio.

Additionally, clients can still benefit from our ability to configure the solution to meet their requirements.

What’s next for eFront READY?

The market continues to evolve at a rapid pace and READY is consistently adapting to those changes. To ensure that our clients benefit continually from current industry best practices, we have a governance board to review new market trends and proactively enhance our solutions.

We work persistently on enriching our overall reporting capabilities, enabling continuously more efficient client and internal reporting, thus providing our clients greater time to focus on the growth of their investments.

Lastly, eFront launched in 2020 the Center of Upgrade Expertise, which provides a dedicated team that supports client upgrades, to ensure that clients can utilize the latest READY features as soon as possible.


To learn more about eFront READY for GPs, contact us here.

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