eFront Insight Quarterly Performance Benchmarks – Q3 2022

The eFront® Insight Research performance metrics are calculated using the cashflow information of more than 7,300 unique private market funds and are provided on a net-of-fee basis.
The data in Insight Research’s module database is directly sourced from investors, ensuring the accuracy needed to reliably benchmark the performance of alternative investments.

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  • Benefits of International Diversification: Focus on the UK LBO Market

    The fourth edition of Global Private Equity Performance Series is for the first time using the deal-level benchmarks in geographical performance analysis.
  • Global Private Equity Performance Series

    In most of modern finance, things tend to matter only if they can be measured precisely and frequently.
  • Exit Environment in 2020 and Evolution of Holding Periods

    A detailed eFront Insight portfolio look-through dataset allowed us to look back into the 10-year long history of exits