Private Equity Performance Overview – Q4 2021

Our latest Quarterly Report brings together two complementary sets of benchmarks for the global PE market as of Q4 2021: Fund-level transaction-based metrics and deal-level performance statistics derived from individual deal financials.

eFront Insight Research Quarterly Report delivers only a selection of performance benchmarks to its readers. eFront Insight clients have access to the eFront Insight Quarterly Data Pack catalog of benchmarks, including the performance dispersion metrics, performance breakdown by industry subsectors, more granular regional performance benchmarking (per country), the pace of new investments, and many more.

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You can now download our full research paper with the following link.
  • Benefits of International Diversification: Focus on the UK LBO Market

    The fourth edition of Global Private Equity Performance Series is for the first time using the deal-level benchmarks in geographical performance analysis.
  • Global Private Equity Performance Series

    In most of modern finance, things tend to matter only if they can be measured precisely and frequently.
  • Exit Environment in 2020 and Evolution of Holding Periods

    A detailed eFront Insight portfolio look-through dataset allowed us to look back into the 10-year long history of exits