FrontGP Portfolio Monitoring

Portfolio Monitoring

FrontGP offers portfolio monitoring capabilities to help front and middle office teams monitor, manage and track their portfolio investments. Portfolio analysis leverages accounting and finance team transaction data, taking advantage of work already done by others in the back office, and increasing the credibility and auditability of reports. The portfolio monitoring features included in FrontGP are:

  • Ownership details for all shareholders are tracked alongside any supporting documents
  • Support for a history of key performance indicators, such as risk rating, job creation, number of employees and more, allowing not just for reporting of current status, but also analysis of trends
  • Imports of financial statement data for analytical manipulation and inclusion in dashboard analyses and charts
  • Simplified production of quarterly portfolio company write-ups, using the system to capture written portfolio company summaries, and create summary reports that combine qualitative summaries with quantitative performance data
  • Tracking of valuation models in the database, so they can be recreated and referenced at any time
  • Document storage for tracking and managing board meeting notes, periodic financial statements, and other documents received from the portfolio company, both for current analysis and future reference
  • Generate projected cash flows for the portfolio and include in performance analysis along with actual cash flows

With FrontGP, we’ve incorporated basic portfolio monitoring capabilities, to satisfy some of the most fundamental requirements of our clients.  For more advanced portfolio monitoring capabilities, FrontGP is also fully integrated with FrontPM, our dedicated solution for portfolio monitoring.

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