With Whole Portfolio View, investors can now:

See everything they own in one view

The eFront and Aladdin combined solution enables investors to have an overview of their investment exposures and full look through reporting across both public and private markets, all in one platform. Investors can pivot their exposures by dimensions such as geography, currency, and sector.

Understand risk through many lenses

eFront adds to Aladdin’s alternative risk factor models, helping investors understand economic and cash flow risks across their whole portfolio, and project future portfolio and investment outcomes.

Evaluate performance across the entire portfolio

Investors can now have a holistic understanding of performance drivers down to the single asset level, and act with greater clarity and efficiency. They can calculate Time Weighted Return across the entire investment book and, for private exposures, calculate the Internal Rate of Return and corresponding Investment Multiples. It's possible to pivot performance across the dimensions such as vintage year, investment type, and currency.

How will Whole Portfolio View impact your investment management?

Efficient allocation management
Market volatility preparedness
Enhanced performance evaluation
Increased operational efficiency

Take advantage of market opportunities and protect against downside risks. A whole portfolio view provides depth and detail - you can seamlessly move from a total enterprise view to an individual asset level view, instilling the confidence required to quickly traverse your allocations.

Be prepared for tomorrow’s market by understanding how your portfolio risks react to different environments. Detailed historical views of risk can apply previous experiences to today, whether that be a fast recovery, or a global recession. As markets volatility spikes, comparisons to previous drawdowns become critical for investors to understand how their portfolios might behave.

Calculate your investment performance with consistency and nuance across different asset classes, covering your whole portfolio, within a single-source platform.

Dealing with separate teams, processes and data sets can be challenging and time-consuming. Having a single source of data for both your public and private markets data will save investors' time and increase team operational efficiency.

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