Explore eFront’s Solutions Below for Fundraising

eFront Office

eFront Office provides robust tools for recording and tracking entire networks of contacts, in order to streamline and simplify fundraising processes. Capture information and establish relationships with context while analyzing fundraising activities via dashboards. Leverage a Microsoft Outlook add-in as well as integrated mailing tools in order to effectively communicate with prospective investors.

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eFront Investment Café

eFront Investment Café transforms investor relationship management, providing a modern, clean and easy to use cloud-based portal in order to guarantee prospective investors access to information anytime, anywhere and from any device. Secure data rooms empower general partners to effortlessly provide prospective investors with important fundraising documents and information while maintaining complete control over access.

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eFront Insight

With eFront Insight, general partners can access an intuitive platform centered around digitizing private market data exchanges, empowering them to streamline prospective investor communications and data exchanges. Effortlessly provide due-diligence data and track records while maintaining complete control over access to sensitive information.

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eFront PEO/VC

Efficiently and professionally manage investment opportunities and investor relationships with eFront PEO/VC, a complete solution for venture capital firms seeking to streamline the entire venture capital life-cycle. Detailed information on funds, investors and portfolio companies is just one click away, held within a single and secure location. Data input is easy and intuitive, while tailored outputs can be quickly and easily generated. Easily manage your LP relationships through eFront VC’s intuitive platform.

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