Infrastructure Asset Management Software

Infrastructure, as an alternative asset class, has been experiencing significant growth underpinned by greater access and an increasing flow of capital. eFront's infrastructure asset management system centralizes important asset information onto a single platform, giving managers a comprehensive view of their infrastructure investments while improving investment management with tailored capabilities.

How will the eFront Solution Suite impact your infrastructure investments?

Centralized Investment Management

- eFront Invest

Consolidate all infrastructure investments (listed, unlisted, direct) in one place to efficiently perform portfolio analysis, financial and investor reporting, performance measurement and risk management on entire portfolios.

Data Collection

- eFront Portfolio Monitoring

Easily collect and monitor financial and operating data from both internal investment managers and external investment partners on all assets (direct and fund positions) on a quarterly basis, capturing both fund/vehicle level data as well as asset level information.

Investor Reporting

- eFront Invest

Quickly and easily generate financial and management reports to seamlessly share key information with internal and external stakeholders

Investment Administration

- eFront Invest

Automate and optimize workflows supporting fund management operations (capital calls, distributions, investment, divestment, etc.)

Deal Flow Pipeline

- eFront Office

Capture key information on potential investments, leveraging an online system that provides automation and a systematic approach to deal flow management.

Optimize Investments

- eFront Insight

Benchmark results attribute the source of under/over performance and monitor all risk factors in order to efficiently assess performance and identify actions aimed at improving the risk/return profile.

Investor Portals

- eFront Investment Café

Streamline and automate client/investor reporting and the dissemination of key reports, fact sheets, and data to investors.

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