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eFront Portfolio Monitoring

    With eFront Portfolio Monitoring, general partners and real asset fund managers can efficiently manage granular information collected from their invested assets, calculate complex KPIs fast thanks to a powerful calculation engine, and generate out-of-the box dashboards, charts and reports aimed at helping them fulfill underlying asset-level reporting requests coming from investors. eFront PM ensures one source of truth across a manager’s portfolio of assets and funds and full auditability of numbers and calculations, greatly increasing managers’ confidence in their data and reporting, while streamlining and accelerating reporting tasks.

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    eFront Invest

      eFront Invest is the central system of alternative fund managers with a rich set of features that professionally manage alternative funds end-to-end. With its powerful report generation and dashboarding capabilities, eFront Invest enables fund managers to utilize a set of standard dashboards or configure their own set of reports to fit their specific reporting needs. Information is efficiently processed, KPIs accurately calculated and reports automatically generated, which dramatically reduces the time required to produce reports while at the same time increasing the quality of the reports produced.

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      eFront Investment Café

        eFront Investment Café is the leading investor portal dedicated to alternative fund reporting, with hundreds of general partners and other alternative fund investors leveraging the solution to streamline, control and enhance their investor reporting. It includes reliable administration capabilities for general partners to fully control and monitor document and information access. It enables general partners to customize the portal interface to fit their own branding and marketing needs. In addition to its modern, multi-device and user-friendly document sharing capabilities, eFront Investment Café also offers dashboarding capabilities designed specifically to enhance the investor reporting experience.

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        eFront Insight

          General partners receive a growing number of bespoke data requests coming from their investors in multiple template formats. Answering these requests can quickly become a tedious task for fund managers and often delivers frustrating results for investors as the data provided may contain errors and omissions. Through eFront Insight GP, general partners and fund managers can access an intuitive portal centered on digitizing those private data exchanges. eFront Insight GP enables general partners and fund managers to keep track of incoming investor data requests, fully control the response workflow and data exchange process, automatically check the quality and consistency of the data they share and streamline the completion of most other standard industry templates through its embedded template generator, all through one portal.

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          eFront PEO/VC

            Venture capital fund managers can easily manage their investor reporting through eFront PEO/VC’s intuitive platform specifically designed for the venture capital industry requirements by utilizing out-of-the-box industry standard report templates in order to effortlessly and accurately share information. Data input is easy and intuitive, while tailored outputs can be quickly and easily generated.

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