Pipeline and Dealflow Management

As private equity, real estate, infrastructure and private debt asset classes continue to attract a growing level of capital, competition to acquire the best assets and engage with investors is intensifying. Fund managers need reliable CRM and front office solutions specifically developed to handle the alternatives' nuances in order to excel at managing their investor pipeline and asset deal-flow.

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Streamline Pipeline

- eFront Office

eFront Office provides general partners and other alternative fund managers a front office solution specifically designed to professionally manage fund-raising and deal pipeline activities. It enables them to methodically manage their investor and advisor contacts and network across their investor relations team through CRM-type functionalities, while rigorously tracking commitments and fundraising targets completion throughout the process. Deal teams can effortlessly scan investment opportunities and nurture their deal pipeline. eFront Office also features a Microsoft Outlook add-in and other interfaces in order to integrate with commonly used communication tools.

Transform Communications

- eFront Insight

General partners and other alternative fund managers are often limited in their ability to dissect their track records and generate insight down to the underlying drivers of performance for a given fund or asset. eFront Insight provides them with a sophisticated analytical platform combining multiple data sources able to uncover unexpected insight about their performance. Aware of their actual strengths and weaknesses, general partners and other alternative fund managers can in turn build consistent deal pipelines and investor engagement strategies.

Streamline Investments

- eFront PEO/VC

eFront PEO/VC enables venture capital fund managers to access all of the information they need for optimal pipeline and deal flow management through a single enterprise software solution. With easy access to information via online dashboards and an intuitive mobile app, fund managers can access information on the go. eFront PEO/VC also streamlines operations by removing repetitive and redundant tasks through the automation of a variety of CRM tasks and advanced search tools, MS Outlook synchronization, and dedicated dashboards enabling better management of contacts and communications.

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