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Efficient portfolio monitoring is an imperative for high performance in alternatives, with analytical insights empowering value-creation plans and effective investor reporting. eFront’s solutions for portfolio and direct investments monitoring offer a set of calculation, analytical and dashboarding capabilities that streamline and automate the asset-level data management while enabling sophisticated performance analysis and reporting.

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Unlock Portfolio Value

- eFront Portfolio Monitoring

Direct investors are increasingly adopting active management practices in order to generate more value from their alternative portfolios and demonstrate their worth to investors. eFront Portfolio Monitoring equips direct investors with everything they need in order to be effective at portfolio monitoring, including a data collection portal and excel plug-in to efficiently gather asset-level information, a secured data repository with full auditability, a powerful calculation engine to generate reliable KPIs at scale, a rich set of industry-standard dashboards, and pre-packaged investor reports. With eFront Portfolio Monitoring, direct investors increase operational efficiency, gain new levels of insight about their assets, enhance reporting capabilities and greatly increase their confidence level in the data and reports they generate.

Streamline ESG Reporting

- eFront ESG

Investors face increasing industry pressure to normalize ESG practices across asset classes and maintain policies across their investments. However, there is a general lack of tools and guidance around ESG monitoring and best practices in alternative investments, making it time-consuming to collect information on a variety of different underlying investments. eFront ESG is an end-to-end ESG reporting solution for limited and general partners, empowering them to effortlessly collect and monitor ESG information on underlying portfolios throughout the life of their investments. Designed to be a truly collaborative reporting portal, eFront ESG facilitates the sharing of ESG information while promoting industry best practices and sustainable investing. Investors can effortlessly manage information request statuses without having to dedicate time and resources to monitor responses. eFront ESG allows investors to consistently share with their stakeholders detailed information on their ESG commitments, promoting transparency and building trust.

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