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eFront helps investors streamline their private debt with dedicated loan management software solutions for loan/mezzanine debt that empower organizations to save time by automating the back-end events and operations - including calculations of accrued interest and default interest on arrears, fee management, multiple amortization methods, etc. With eFront solution suite, investors are able to dramatically increase their efficiency while managing all alternative asset classes throughout the entire investment cycle, all from one platform.

How will the eFront Solution Suite impact your alternative investments?

Deal Flow

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Effortlessly track a portfolio of loans prior to purchase in an intuitive set of screens in order to review cash flow projections and visualize the projected performance, any risk attributes, and impact on market fluctuations (eg simple projections on cash flows due to a rise in base rates).

Cash Flow Forecasting

- eFront Insight

Leverage intuitive analytics with cash flow forecasting and "what if" scenarios for expected and unexpected changes in market conditions (eg LIBOR changes) or changing terms or non-payment risk.

Debt Scheduling

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Leverage a dedicated data capture for loans/bonds or hybrid instrument terms, amortization of discounts/premiums (in accordance with IFRS9), income streams (including PIK and cash interest), fees based on undrawn commitments and facility fees among others.

Rates Modelling

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Quickly and easily feed rate updates thanks to dedicated centralized screens and a back-end command center.

Invoice Management

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Streamline processes for periodic invoicing with full mailing functionalities that can be sent directly from the application to the CFO or relevant contact within portfolio companies.

General Ledger

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Leverage eFront’s robust GL solution to automate and streamline ledger entries and periodic accruals.


- eFront Invest

Automate cash matching with payment priority to allow for management of loan balances with unexpected cash receipts or shortfalls in cash.


- eFront Invest

Effortlessly review all loans and create/update any terms with a dedicated and centralized viewing screen.

Investor Relations

- eFront Investment Café

Easily maintain and access track record information that can be easily distributed to investors and used as part of the fundraising process.

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