The eFront Insight’s Research module will allow Wellershoff & Partners (WP) to access reliable and timely performance benchmarking information through a user-friendly platform, in order to generate leading-edge research with up-to-date information every quarter. One of the key reasons WP selected eFront Insight’s benchmark was because it has one of the most comprehensive databases on the market, covering a large variety of regions, countries and investment strategies that are often neglected by other sources.

“eFront Insight’s benchmark is more than a simple source of data, it is a trusted partner with which we can develop our expertise, as it supports our business by providing crucial and reliable information. It enables us to serve our clients in the best way possible.”

Cyril Demaria, Head of Private Markets

Key Benefits

Comprehensive databases
Reliable and timely benchmarking information
User-friendly platform

About Wellershoff & Partners

Firm type: business consultant
Geographical presence: EuropeSet up in 2009, Wellershoff & Partners has positioned itself as the reference to independent buy-side and top-down research and advisory service for the financial industry in Switzerland, and also increasingly worldwide. They partner with clients as an outsourced Chief Investment Office, supporting them with macroeconomic analysis, research on asset allocation, strategic and tactical views, for both listed and private markets. Find more at
Wellershoff & Partners

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