Growing regulatory and investor reporting requirements, combined with increasing pressure on fees, has made it imperative for general partners to maintain thoroughly efficient operations and a single source of truth for their data. eFront Invest GP is a web-based, end-to-end alternative investment fund management software for GPs that streamlines the investment cycle, from operational and fund management to investor relationship management, offering the broadest set of features in alternative investment technology today.

A decades-long, deep collaboration

EXEO Capital, one of the first general partners in Africa to deploy the eFront® platform has been leveraging the technology for over ten years to systemize, standardize, and centralize data as well as manage their entire deal flow on a single platform. Greater transparency and efficiency across the entire organization lead to increased investor confidence in the firm.
Learn more about EXEO Capital’s digital transformation. Learn more about EXEO Capital’s digital transformation.

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Key Product Features


General partners in need of an immediate fund management solution can leverage eFront Invest GP’s Ready version developed from industry best practices and over 15 years of experience, in order to secure a rapid deployment.


Centralize investor communications and conveniently manage investor allocations through eFront Invest GPs dedicated investor relationship management software tools.


eFront Invest GP offers the broadest feature set in alternative investment fund management technology thanks to over 15 years of continuous innovation and development. Additionally, as a fully integrated member of the eFront Solutions Suite, eFront Invest GP enables general partners to seamlessly scale and integrate new capabilities, allowing them to meet their evolving business requirements, from deal flow activities all the way to investor reporting.


Leverage a flexible, transaction-driven accounting system specifically designed to meet the nuances of a diverse set of alternative investments. Through advanced tools streamlining everything from amortization and tranche calculations to closing and settlement procedures, GPs can quickly and easily achieve their bookkeeping objectives.


eFront Invest GP equips general partners with the reporting they need in order to quickly and easily complete detailed performance calculations throughout their investment structure, with dedicated modules thoroughly covering fees, debt, and hedging-related transactions.


With a large variety of workflow options addressing the different stages of the investment cycle, general partners can leverage eFront Invest GP to optimize operations throughout their entire team in order to greatly increase team efficiency and promote auditability.

Key Stats

of the top 10 GPs worldwide use eFront solutions
general partners and asset servicers on board
of eFront Invest clients affirm its data quality and consistency (Source: Client Satisfaction Survey)
years of constant innovation and development

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Today’s Top Fund Management Challenges

  • Meeting investors’ increasingly detailed reporting expectations is time-consuming.

  • Accurately maintaining bookkeeping for a diverse set of complex alternative investment structures consumes considerable time and resources.

  • Stringent regulatory requirements and increasing pressure on fees makes it ever more imperative for general partners to maintain efficient operations.

  • Manually consolidating and tracking investment information across multiple software platforms and excel files is time-consuming and error-prone.

  • Few available fund management software solutions have the breadth to meet complex and diverse requirements across alternative asset classes and investment types throughout the investment cycle.

  • Most software tools are limiting in terms of the complexity of calculations GPs can leverage across investments, especially regarding FX and debt-related transactions.

How will eFront Invest GP impact your alternative investment fund management?

  • eFront Invest centralizes the capabilities GPs require throughout their investment cycle into one single location, reducing operational errors from storing information across multiple systems. GPs can leverage eFront Invest's workflow and compliance tools in order to streamline, centralize, and optimize team performance while strengthening the integrity and traceability of information and promoting auditability across investments.

  • Because eFront Invest was configured as a European software solution prior to the Euro Zone, it was designed to address multi-currency investment situations. With information stored in investor, fund, operation, and share currencies, eFront Invest gives general partners the flexibility to effortlessly record any type of transaction. Thanks to powerful dashboards, GPs can easily monitor currency risk and model various hedging instruments (FX Spot, FX Forward, Interest Rate Swap, Cross Currency Swap, etc.).

  • eFront Invest supports a wide range of formatting for internal and external reporting including excel, word, pdf, fully customizable dashboards, and queries, in addition to full ILPA compliance. With targeted modules addressing debt and hedging transactions, eFront Invest facilitates best in class reporting capabilities at every step of the investment cycle. GPs can further leverage complete integration with eFront’s Investment Café in order to seamlessly and effortlessly transform their fund management and investor communications.

  • eFront Invest reduces the amount of time GPs spend on bookkeeping activities through the automation of countless features including revaluations, account rebalancing, and general ledger entries, thereby reducing the risk of manual errors. Furthermore, thanks to eFront Invest’s simplified transaction-driven approach, GPs do not need accounting expertise in order to manage their investments. With just one initial setup of accounting schemes, postings can be automatically generated at the validation of transactions.

  • eFront Invest incorporates a set of advanced reporting tools that enable GPs to gain full transparency throughout their entire investment structure all the way down to their underlying portfolio companies. Through automation, GPs can also set up advanced operations that can later be automatically replicated for future transactions, greatly increasing the operational efficiency of capital calls on multiple fund vehicles, fee apportionment on multiple entities, and consolidations across their investment structure.

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