Axil Capital will benefit from eFront Invest GP’s suite of automated fund management tools encompassing intuitive accounting, advanced reporting and streamlined workflows within a centralized industry-leading solution. eFront Invest GP has now been adopted by more than 500 general partners and asset servicers worldwide.

“We chose eFront because it offers the most comprehensive solution for venture capital and private equity firms, encompassing all aspects of the investment life cycle. Adoption of eFront Invest GP will allow us to process large volumes of data, quickly and accurately. We were particularly attracted to eFront’s combination of ready-made template solutions that can be further customized to address our specific needs.”

Fred Shane, Axil Capital Managing Partner


Key Benefits

Intuitive accounting
Advanced reporting
Streamlined workflows
Centralized industry-leading solution

About Axil Capital

Geographical presence: Asia-PacificAxil Capital was spun out of Mizuho Securities in 2017, with early investors that include Mizuho, the Japanese government, a global pharma, and a small group of visionary investors from inside and outside of Japan. Its goal is to create synergies between the biotech ecosystem in Japan and the rest of the world, resulting in great companies and great returns for their investors. With one fund and 40M in assets under management, Axil focuses on innovation in biotechnology.
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