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  • ESG Outreach

    Gathering, analyzing, and reporting on ESG data can be a challenging and time-consuming process, especially for general partners (GPs) who have traditionally had limited access to these metrics.
  • eFront for Insurers

    Blackrock’s eFront® technology, integrated with the Aladdin platform, gives insurers a unified ecosystem to streamline their operations and diversify their investments without complication, all while better positioning them for scale and efficiency.
  • eFront GP Suite

    eFront GP Suite, our private markets software, is enhanced to help General Partners make data-driven investment decisions faster, at-scale, and with greater transparency via a turn-key solution with simplified onboarding.
  • eFront Insight ESG Outreach Metrics

    At BlackRock, we are focused on helping our clients reach their long-term investment goals.
  • eFront Insight Sustainability

    eFront Insight Sustainability helps private market investors to monitor and analyze portfolios and investments through an ESG lens.
  • eFront Insight ESG SFDR

    eFront Insight ESG Outreach focuses on providing a unified and quantifiable set of ESG metrics across private markets through a centralized out of the box ESG toolkit for fund managers to gather and analyze ESG data from their investments.
  • eFront Insight ESG Ratings

    Insight ESG helps private market investors to monitor and analyze portfolios and investments through an ESG lens.
  • eFront Insight ESG LP

    As the global investment community increasingly puts ESG at the heart of the investment process.
  • eFront Insight ESG GP

    As demand for ESG products, data, and analytics accelerates across private markets, GPs are increasingly faced with a diverse and disparate range of requests for information from across the LP community.
  • Investment Café | Investor Onboarding Module

    Investor Onboarding is the new module of Investment Café allowing Asset Managers and Asset Servicers to post legal documents such as subscription.
  • Whole Portfolio View

    Bringing together the market leading capabilities of Aladdin for public markets and eFront for private markets sets a new standard in investment and risk management technology.
  • eFront Insight | Research Module

    The eFront Insight Research module provides reliable alternative investment benchmarks and performance metrics within sophisticated, white-labeled reports
  • eFront Invest GP Brochure

    eFront Invest for GP is a web-based, end-to-end solution for general partners that streamlines alternative investments, from operational.
  • eFront for Asset Servicers

    eFront’s comprehensive software offering provides a one-stopsolution across all alternative asset classes that supports thebusiness needs for all asset servicers, including fund administrators,depositary/custodians, transfer agents, advisors, etc.
  • eFront Invest LP Brochure

    eFront Invest LP is a web-based, end-to-end solution for limited partners that streamlines alternative investments, from operational and portfolio management to performance evaluation and reporting.
  • eFront Insight LP Brochure

    With reliable investment and benchmark data, eFront Insight LP enables limited partners to generate superior insights, enhancing their decision making for due diligence and portfolio construction processes.
  • eFront Insight GP Brochure

    With eFront Insight, general partners can access an intuitive platform centered around digitizing private market data exchanges, empowering them to streamline investor communications and data exchanges while generating innovative insights.
  • eFront Insight Data Services Brochure

    eFront Data Intelligence streamlines the exchange of data between limited and general partners through its SaaS based information portal supported by data collection services.
  • eFront Investment Café Brochure

    eFront Investment Café transforms investor relationship management, providing a modern, clean and easy to use cloud-based portal in order to guarantee investors secure access to information anytime, anywhere and from any device.
  • eFront Portfolio Monitoring Brochure

    eFront Portfolio Monitoring streamlines and automates all portfolio monitoring activities from data collection and standardization all the way to advanced analysis and investor reporting.
  • eFront Office Brochure

    eFront Office enables alternative investors to optimize their deal flow and fundraising pipelines while maximizing investor engagement.
  • eFront Real Estate Solutions Brochure

    With six modular products, the eFront Solution Suite empowers property investors and fund managers to make fact-based decisions in order to mitigate risks and maximize the performance of their direct and indirect portfolios.
  • eFront Education Services

    eFront is a market leader in technology for alternative investments, offering a broad range of products and services.
  • eFront for Limited Partners Brochure

    The eFront integrated solutions for limited partners of all sizes and levels of sophistication provide investment analysis, portfolio management and monitoring, back-office and fund management.
  • eFront for General Partners Brochure

    The eFront integrated solutions for investor management, portfolio management and monitoring, and fund management enable general partners of all sizes and levels of sophistication to optimize the management of their alternative investments