eFront Invest for GP

eFront Invest for General Partners

Best of breed capabilities for General Partners

eFront Invest provides a sophisticated means for managing all aspects of a GP’s operations, throughout the entire fund investment cycle.  It is our high-end solution for General Partners with complex needs, or who prefer a more bespoke solution, and offers an extensive range of optional modules, and a typically higher degree of customization. We also offer FrontGP , which is our offering for General Partners with all but the most sophisticated of requirements.

eFront Invest helps GPs operate their businesses more efficiently, gaining greater productivity from their teams.  GPs have access to granular investment and financial information, and gain improved insights and transparency across their holdings of private equity fund portfolios and companies, real estate fund portfolios and companies, portfolios of funds and other alternative investments.  eFront Invest also enables them to better serve their investors, and improve their investor relationships.  Hundreds of General Partners investing in a broad spectrum of alternative asset classes use eFront Invest to manage all aspects of their business and to control operational risks.

eFront Invest is organized into three main groups of capabilities:

Investor Modules empower General Partners to have tighter relationships with their investors. eFront Invest’s CRM capabilities help GPs manage prospective and active investors through the investment lifecycle.  The investor modules includes contact management, Microsoft Outlook™ integration, LinkedIn™ integration, fund raising, and investor management.

In parallel, eFront’s investor portals provide a platform for better servicing investors while also gaining more control over investor communications and greater visibility into what investors are actually seeing and using. See our investor portals page for information about our Investment Café and WebLP offerings.

Deal Team Modules automate the work of managing investment opportunities, to help your team operate more efficiently, make better investment decisions, and stay on top of investment performance more easily. eFront Invest Deal Team capabilities include deal flow management with integrated workflow, portfolio valuation and portfolio management for multiple asset classes such as private equity, real estate, and infrastructure.  We also offer an investee portal to simplify the gathering of financial and non-financial information from the fund’s investments. eFront Invest for General Partners also integrates with the eFront PM portfolio monitoring solution, so general partners can bring the typically very wide array of investment results information into a single place, then apply powerful and flexible analysis capabilities to understand and report on the performance of their portfolio companies.

Fund Management Modules automate the back office, with powerful and flexible fund holdings, transactions, accounting and allocation management features.  eFront Invest reduces administrative burdens by automating repetitive and error-prone tasks such as the workflows around capital call and distribution notices.  Fund management capabilities include fund structure modeling, investor allocation, management of fees, and subscriber management. eFront Invest includes an integrated accounting system, which can automatically create accounting entries based on fund operations, such as calls, distributions and fund expenses, as well as direct transactions entered in the system.  eFront Invest is a globally-capable solution that supports multiple currencies and the ability to manage multiple charts of accounts, to comply with various international standards (such as country-specific GaaP and IFRS).

eFront Invest for General Partners helps clients improve productivity of their teams, streamlining complex tasks and allowing your staff to focus on high-value activity, such as building strong relationships with investors, identifying better investment opportunities, and managing your funds with greater accuracy and more auditability.