Use FrontHedge to Create, Track and Manage Hedge Instruments for Alternative Investments

The FrontInvest FrontHedge module extends a firm’s off-balance-sheet portfolio management capabilities by enabling the creation, tracking, valuation and management of hedge instruments.

This versatile module can model specific requirements and offers the following capabilities:

Hedge Instruments create and manage various hedge instruments such as F/X spot, F/X forward, interest rate swaps and cross currency swaps

Agreement management to specify contractors, counterparties, and linked investments

Transaction schedule generation to visualize settlement transactions throughout the full term of the hedge

A streamlined valuation engine allowing administrators to query future rates and cash flows, apply discount rates, calculate the unrealized gain or loss and generate ledger entries directly from the valuation transaction

Enhanced investment reporting to visualize both the hedged and un-hedged performance of the investments in a portfolio