Customer Relationship Management

Enhance your Relationship Management

CRM capabilities provide a simple approach for managing relationships with prospective investors, investors, and other partners. Teams across the firm can benefit from the centralization of contact information in a single location, and by coupling contact management with the management of business interactions (including meetings, correspondence and more), tasks, and related documents, the firm’s collective understanding of what’s happening with that partner is dramatically improved.

The FrontGP CRM capabilities include:

  • Configurability, so a GP can decide what kind information they want to track, and what fields they want to gather
  • Relationships between entities, to capture employment, partnership and other connections that exist in the contact list
  • Activity management, to provide a history of the business processes undertaken with a contact, including the full history, descriptions, participants and related documents
  • Calendar and task management integrated with Outlook, to help ensure important deliverables and activities don’t fall through the cracks
  • Document management, to keep track of materials associated with a contact
  • User-configurable dashboards to help the system adapt to users’ personal preferences, and avoid missing important follow-ups

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