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Portfolio Monitoring: Save Time. Ensure Consistency. Enhance Analysis.

With FrontPM, eFront’s portfolio monitoring software solution, direct investment managers including private equity general partners can analyze the performance of their portfolio companies in powerful and flexible ways. FrontPM couples the use of Microsoft ExcelTM for gathering financial data from disparate sources and generating reports, with a centralized and auditable back-end for aggregating performance data, and calculating key performance indicators more efficiently than ever.


With FrontPM, direct investment managers can:

  • Improve their compliance with better auditability and accuracy of your portfolio data, analyses, reports, and dashboards
  • Spend more time analyzing performance to better manage investments and less time collecting and validating data across multiple spreadsheets
  • Improve the accessibility and consistency of their reports, dashboards, and company valuations for use in investment committees and responses to investor or deal team inquiries
  • Ensure quick adoption of the solution with complete integration with Excel
  • Lower their exposure to the loss of key personnel

eFront portfolio monitoring software key capabilites

FrontPM combines these key elements to provide enhanced analyses and shorter response times

Key capabilities

FrontPM offers purpose-built capabilities to address the challenges faced by private equity firms when collecting portfolio company data, and standardizing reports and distributing them both inside and outside the organization. These include:

  • Efficient template-based portfolio company data collection using a Web-based portal
  • An automated validation of portfolio company data based on user-defined business rules
  • A flexible and powerful calculation engine to compute standard performance indicators, while offering the flexibility to easily define custom metrics
  • A database to centralize current and historical data, replacing myriad and inconsistent spreadsheets
  • Simple traceability of the information used to calculate and report portfolio company performance

FrontPM is fully integrated with FrontInvest for GPs and FrontGP. You can easily retrieve a portfolio company’s investment performance, such as Costs, Proceeds and Investment-level IRRs tracked by these products.

Use across the firm

FrontPM will improve portfolio monitoring processes and reporting for:

  • Portfolio analysts
  • Deal team professionals
  • Senior management and the investment committee
  • Investor relations

Working with Excel

FrontPM is deeply integrated with Excel. Users can use it to retrieve performance indicators from FrontPM to build their reports. This reduces the need to use Excel to perform endless calculations and copy and paste information across periods for multiple metrics.

Users can also submit portfolio company financials or valuations directly from their Excel templates and models. Every time a user submit new data to FrontPM, the corresponding Excel spreadsheet is sent to the FrontPM repository to aid in tracking and auditing reports and valuation models.

eFront portfolio monitoring software screenshot

Use FrontPM within an Excel spreadsheet to instantly audit any figure. 

Standalone or integrated

Use FrontPM as a standalone solution, or as an integrated component of a front-to-back office solution, such as FrontInvest for GPs and FrontGP. In an integrated environment, retrieve the Portfolio Company IRRs and Money Multiples tracked by the fund accounting system or seamlessly book FrontPM valuations to the fund accounting system to track valuations at the fund level.

Choice of hosting

For complete control over accessibility, performance, security and other dimensions of usage, clients can choose to deploy FrontPM on premises. Another option is for a client to have FrontPM hosted in the cloud and managed by eFront to streamline the effort and resources needed to manage the solution.

Click here to access the FrontPM overview brochure.