eFront Insight ESG LP

As the global investment community increasingly puts ESG at the heart of the investment process, LPs find themselves with a growing slate of internal and external stakeholders looking to understand how the organization’s investments are positioned across a variety of ESG criteria. This challenge is exacerbated when evaluating an organization’s total book across public and private assets, where ESG information on the private portion of the portfolio has historically been sparse and inconsistent from manager to manager.

eFront Insight ESG GP

As demand for ESG products, data, and analytics accelerates across private markets, GPs are increasingly faced with a diverse and disparate range of requests for information from across the LP community. Simultaneously, GPs need to understand their own exposure and prioritize portfolio company engagement and education. To meet these demands, eFront Insight ESG Outreach focuses on providing a unified and quantifiable set of ESG metrics across private markets through a centralized, out of the box toolkit for fund managers to gather and analyze ESG data from their investments.