Alternative Investment Software Solutions

eFront offers comprehensive software solutions for managing alternative investment operations. Hundreds of organizations investing in various alternative asset classes use eFront solutions to manage their investment and fund management businesses.

Why using eFront for Alternative Investment Management

Put simply, eFront offers the industry’s most mature, functionally rich, technically advanced, and integrated alternative investment software solutions. eFront solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of each segment of the alternative investments market, including:

Multi-Assets Class Solution

For these organizations, eFront offers solutions for managing a wide range of alternative asset types, such as:

Investor Communications

Communications with investors represents both a logistical challenge and a critical business need for GP’s.  With our investor portal solutions, GP’s can meet investor demands for transparency while also simplifying the effort involved in managing the dissemination of information to investors around the world.

Insurance, Banking and Other Industries

We also offer customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise risk management (ERM) and governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions for the insurance and banking industries as well as other sectors.

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