Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics and Dashboards for Alternative Investments

Leverage dashboards tailored to analyze any aspect of managing alternative investments to gain insights and make better decisions

In addition to the hundreds of pre-built, business-oriented tables, charts, and dashboards available in FrontInvest (see Portfolio Analytics), clients have the ability to configure all of these elements. Users can also build new dashboards and save considerable time and effort in doing so by leveraging pre-configured libraries and other “starter” elements such as a pre-built J-curve or portfolio positions chart.

J-curve screenshotSample J-curve dashboard with real-time filters for Fund, Vintage, Country and more

In addition to those capabilities, clients have the unique ability to generate from scratch completely custom investment analytics. Then, they can acess their custom dahsboards within FrontInvest to use real-time filters across multiple dimensions, chart connectors, bookmarks, export to Excel and PDF and so on. These advanced analytics capabilities provide clients the utmost in flexibility for using FrontInvest to glean the insights they need to achieve their investment and performance goals.

FrontCube is the structure within the FrontInvest architecture that allows users to rapidly manage high volumes of data and perform complex computations on the data. Cubes can leverage data from virtually any source. This technology enables clients to slice-and-dice data across multiple variables in real time, without having to wait days or even weeks for a third party to provide these analyses. Clients can use Advanced Analytics to customize cubes and libraries to analyze data across any desired set of dimensions or variables.

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