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Dedicated to Alternative Investments

With roughly two decades of experience serving exclusively alternative investment professionals including limited partners, general partners and asset servicers, eFront is truly dedicated to pioneering technology in alternative investments. Thanks to more than 750 talented employees specializing in alternative investments and advanced research, eFront’s clients are guaranteed a solution that meets their specific investment needs.

Modular One-Stop Solution Suite

eFront’s carefully crafted offering of software solutions brings to the market a comprehensive suite covering every technology need of alternative investment professionals. Thanks to the high level of modularity throughout the eFront Solution Suite, clients can easily choose the specific products and modules they require while still maintaining a single integrated solution.

Market Leader

With 7 of the top 10 limited partners and 6 of the top 10 general partners around the world using eFront products and services, eFront is a proven and reliable market leader. eFront supports its more than 850 clients around the world via a global office network across 48 countries. Through its flexible and fully integrated solution suite of products and services, eFront has demonstrated the robustness and scalability of its solutions.

History of Excellence

Here at eFront, we continuously strive to accelerate time to value for our clients and provide best-in-class client support services. Our clients are always our number one priority and we are proud to share that 95% of clients experienced real benefits to their business thanks to our solutions, with 88% of them affirming a significant to game-changing impact.

Committed to Innovation

As evidenced by the company-wide mission and goal of “pioneering technology in alternative investments”, eFront is truly dedicated to innovation. With 4 new products launched in the past 3 years and 2 new product version releases each year, eFront has demonstrated a track record of continuous development, supported by a talented R&D team making up roughly 20% of eFront’s employee base.

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