Investment Data for Alternative Investors

Accessing granular and quality information about their investments is often a challenge for limited partners - whether it's private equity, real estate or infrastructure. The quarterly report data is most of the time insufficient for insight-generating analyses. eFront can help limited partners access granular data about their investments with hundreds of verified data points down to asset operating metrics available off-the-shelf and sourced from general partners.

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- eFront Insight

eFront Insight combines multiple data sources including its own private equity benchmark, eFront Data Intelligence (private markets data feed), Pitchbook, MSCI indices and news feeds into one very sophisticated analytical platform enabling limited partners and investors to access previously scattered information and dissect and combine it to reveal unique insight. With eFront Insight, limited partners and investors can boost their analytical capabilities – bringing it closer to that of other asset classes – and gain a competitive edge by generating unique insight about their investments and potential new investment opportunities.

Access Granular Data

- eFront Insight Data Services

eFront Insight Data Services fosters more transparency in private markets. It enables private equity-limited partners and other alternative investors to access granular and high-quality data about their investments, readily available from over 1500 contributing general partners and fund managers. Data covers hundreds of data points down to underlying asset operating metrics in line with the most detailed and demanding investor templates. It removes the burden for investors to try to collect this data directly themselves through custom templates or frustration from limiting themselves to incomplete and superficial quarterly report information.

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