How does eFront support general partners investing in private equity?

Performance Evaluation

eFront Insight

Assess your performance across multiple dimensions using sophisticated analytics and find out how prospective investors perceive you so that you can better prepare for the due-diligence process. Learn more >


eFront Office

Manage the entire fundraising process from AML and KYC verifications and contact management to investor onboarding and closing. Learn more >

Deal Sourcing

eFront Office

Streamline deal-sourcing activities with one centralized location for deal information to easily track deal financial performance and manage due diligence processes, including deal expenses. Learn more >

Data Collection and Portfolio Monitoring

eFront Portfolio Monitoring

Streamline the collection of portfolio company level data to accurately assess and compare forecasted, budgeted, and actual performance at the portfolio, investment, and asset levels. Learn more >


eFront Portfolio Monitoring

Effortlessly build advanced valuation models incorporating private and public comparable analyses while thoroughly tracking and documenting the entire valuation process, including assumptions and valuation results. Learn more >

Investment and Fund Management

eFront Invest

Map investment structures, including JV and waterfall partnerships, while tracking and forecasting fund- and investor-level cash flows and returns. Learn more >

Fund Administration and Accounting

eFront Invest

Book and monitor transactions, make capital calls and drawdowns, support internal and investor reporting, and feed third-party accounting solutions with a fully functional general ledger solution. Learn more >

Investor Reporting

eFront Invest

Automatically produce industry-standard reports and custom templates, allowingly you to seamlessly share information with LPs, asset servicers, and consultants. Learn more >

Investor Relations

eFront Investment Café

Manage fund reporting through dedicated workflow tools using this private equity investor portal. Quickly and easily share information with investors thanks to secure data rooms and interactive dashboards. Learn more >

Key Product Benefits

Increased reporting quality

Faster internal and external reporting

Reduced operational risk

Streamlined operations

Increased transparency

How does eFront support limited partners investing in private equity?

Portfolio Construction

eFront Insight

Compare actual portfolio profiles with desired risk-return ratios, modelling scenarios to inform investment strategy and portfolio design decisions. Learn more >

Pipeline Management

eFront Office

Manage your fund manager network and steer your investment opportunity pipeline effectively across your organization. Learn more >

Manager Selection

eFront Insight

Conduct thorough assessments of incoming investment opportunities at scale through advanced and automated track record analytics. Learn more >

Portfolio Data Collection

eFront Data Intelligence

Instantly access granular and high-quality data about your investments down to underlying assets through this private equity SaaS solution. Learn more >

Operations Management

eFront Invest

Efficiently and accurately manage, track and audit operations related to your investments across your portfolio. Learn more >

Positions Tracking

eFront Invest

Monitor your exposures at a granular level through a rich set of predefined dashboards and reports. Learn more >

Performance and Risk Analysis

eFront Insight

Measure the actual performance and risk of your portfolio through advanced analytics combining indices, benchmarks and other data sources. Learn more >

Direct Investments Monitoring

eFront Portfolio Monitoring

Collect data and monitor performance and trends about your direct investments. Learn more >

Some Clients

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With eFront we now have a single source of truth, the right numbers in place and higher efficiency within the company.

Daniel Gregor
Head of Controlling bei Allianz Capital Partners

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eFront Invest helped us keep track of our portfolio and keep the numbers correct all the time.

Trond Knutsen
Senior Associate
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We really like the ability to own the dashboarding and the reporting features ourselves

Matthew Cooper
Associate Director of Investment Operations

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eFront Invest had once again proved to be the most suitable solution for us.

Vincent Joly
Chief Information Officer
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We can create investment reports with the click of a button

Takeharu Horikawa
Managing Director
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We needed a solution that is flexible and usable, and eFront had the best value proposition for us. It makes us faster, more efficient and more accurate.

Rob Herlihy
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eFront Invest LP solution helps us improve efficiency, gives us an easy access to our data and provides a simplified process for creating reports.

Hiroaki Saito
Co-Chief Investment Officer for Private Investments
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One word for eFront is collaborative – they understand well our business and always stay very close to us.

David Brown
Director of Clients Solutions
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The challenge is the amount of data

Gus Tambakis
Watch the video

The main benefit is that we now have a real equity system and also our users find it really user friendly.

Michiel van Agtmaal, Manon Walter Tellez

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