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Real estate professionals need a solution that streamlines, centralizes and optimizes their entire investment cycle while enhancing data and reporting. The eFront Solution Suite empowers property investors and fund managers to make fact-based decisions and excel in this increasingly competitive market.

How will the eFront Solution Suite impact your real estate investments?

  • Performance and Risk Analysis

    Accurately simulate the impact of investment and divestment decisions on the overall portfolio risk/return profile. Dynamically visualize performance, risk attribution, market comparables, and sensitivity analyses.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting

    Powerful real estate investment reporting software generates KPIs and advanced analytics in standard and customizable dashboards and reports.
  • Data Collection and Portfolio Monitoring

    Streamline the collection of fund, property and lease-level data to accurately assess and compare forecasted, budgeted and actual performance at the portfolio, investment and asset levels.
  • Portfolio Analysis and Reporting

    - Leverage a comprehensive, high-quality set of data directly integrated from eFront Insight Data Services. Slice and dice property data at every investment level to provide granular analysis and reporting.
  • Portfolio Construction

    Compare actual portfolio profiles with desired risk-return ratios, modelling scenarios to inform investment strategy and portfolio design decisions. Optimize your investment strategy and portfolio design decisions with advanced analytical tools.
  • Investment and Fund Management

    Real estate investment modelling software maps investment structures, including JV and waterfall partnerships, while forecasting fund and investor-level cash flows and returns.
  • Investor Reporting

    - Automatically produce industry-standard reports and custom templates. Seamlessly share information with LPs, asset servicers, and consultants. Enhance your investor relationship management with streamlined reporting processes.
  • Investor Portals

    Access the tools necessary for everything from data and analytics to performance benchmarking via one centralized platform. Manage fund administration and reporting (including ESG) through dedicated workflow tools.
  • Deal Flow and CRM

    Securely capture individual, firm, and prospective investment information across all alternative asset classes. Leverage seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook® and full mobile access.
  • Real Estate Accounting Software and Fund Administration

    Use real estate fundraising software to book and monitor transactions, make capital calls and drawdowns, support internal and investor reporting, and feed third party accounting solutions with a fully functional General Ledger solution.

Key Stats

USD billion in real estate investments managed by clients
Real estate fund managers access eFront Platform
Real estate funds contribute to the eFront Data Intelligence Database
Top real estate investors use eFront solutions

Key Product Benefits

Improved Data Quality and Granularity
Increased Transparency
Enhanced Performance and Risk Analytics
Streamlined Operations and Reporting

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