Paris | December 13, 2018 – eFront, the leading provider of alternative investment management software, announced today the availability of its 2018.5 version release, covering 3 products within the eFront solution suite: eFront Invest, eFront Office and eFront Portfolio Monitoring. The expanded capabilities serve all areas of private equity, real estate, infrastructure, private debt and funds of hedge funds.

The new release includes significant user experience enhancements, aiming to improve the overall usability, accelerate user onboarding and decrease the effort spent on system training. The release also ensures an accelerated deployment process. This fits within our continuous push to reduce the total cost of system ownership for eFront clients.

Additionally, the new version embeds numerous innovative functionalities factoring emerging industry standards and best practices into the product. Overall, the 2018.5 versions of eFront Invest, eFront Office and eFront Portfolio Monitoring guarantee even greater operational integrity, with additional security enhancements, better application monitoring and increased automated testing coverage.

Michael Bischoff, Chief Technology Officer at eFront commented, “The breadth of this release is significant and provides new benefits and capabilities for all of our customers. I’m confident that the innovations in this release will enable our customers to keep ahead of the changes that persist in the alternative investment industry.”

Nicolas Obolensky, Product Manager at eFront added, “We are continuously innovating to meet the needs of our clients. Our commitment is to make our clients’ operations more efficient through an improved user experience, adoption of industry standards, and superior technology.”

If you are currently using eFront Invest, eFront Office or eFront Portfolio Monitoring, contact us at to learn how you can upgrade to version 2018.5 and start benefiting from the new features and enhancements.

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