Returns, risks and liquidity of LBO Funds in Q4 2017

source: eFront INSIGHT


eFront is the leading provider of alternative investment technology, focused on enabling industry professionals to achieve superior performance. This report leverages high quality data and powerful analytics coming from eFront Insight. eFront Insight combines multiple data sources into one analytical platform. It includes a proprietary benchmark for alternative investment performance, counting over 4,000 funds across geographies, strategies, sizes and vintage years. This is the main data source of this report. On a quarterly basis, eFront publishes an updated report showing the performance of LBO and VC funds in terms of returns, risks and liquidity. The performance of LBO and VC funds are analyzed in a sequence one quarter after the other.

The aim of this report is to provide readers with elements of analysis and understanding of the private finance universe, based only on data collected by eFront Insight. It does not intend to draw any definitive conclusion, nor judge the performance of fund managers. By providing a guided reasoning, this report hopes to contribute to the overall progress of understanding of the asset class in a short quarterly format, with all the limits that this entails.

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