Today’s Top Challenges for Fund of Funds

Investment Monitoring

Tracking positions and managing fees across fund investments is often complex and time-consuming.

Data Governance

Fund managers need high-quality, standardized data. However, collecting and validating granular data can become a significant burden.

Modeling and Forecasting

Fund managers need a robust software system that enables them to quickly and accurately assess risk and evaluate performance.


Fund of funds must have the flexibility to cope with changing regulatory frameworks (FATCA, AIFMD, GDPR, etc.) and increasing reporting demands from their investors.


Fund of funds require increasing amounts of information from their investments while facing increasing pressure from their own investors to provide deeper levels of transparency and disclosure.

Some Clients

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eFront Invest had once again proved to be the most suitable solution for us.

Vincent Joly
Chief Information Officer
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The main benefit is that we now have a real equity system and also our users find it really user friendly.

Michiel van Agtmaal, Manon Walter Tellez
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We can create investment reports with the click of a button

Takeharu Horikawa
Managing Director
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With eFront we now have a single source of truth, the right numbers in place and higher efficiency within the company.

Daniel Gregor
Head of Controlling bei Allianz Capital Partners

The eFront Solution Suite for Fund of Funds

eFront Office

Streamline Pipeline

eFront Office enables alternative investors to optimize their deal flow and fundraising pipelines, from contact management and pipeline tracking to workflow optimization, all from one centralized location. Learn more >

eFront Invest

Manage Alternative Investments

eFront Invest is an end-to-end solution that streamlines alternative investments, from investor relationship management to operational management including investor allocation, financial statement generation, fund accounting, regulatory compliance (FATCA, AIFMD, GDPR, etc.) and reporting (down to the individual assets held by funds they invest into), offering the broadest set of features in alternative investment technology today. Learn more >

eFront Investment Café

Elevate Investor Relationships

eFront Investment Café transforms investor relationship management, providing a modern, clean and easy to use cloud-based portal in order to guarantee investors secure access to information anytime, anywhere and from any device. Learn more >

eFront Insight

Enhance Data and Analytics

With eFront Insight, investors can access an intuitive platform centered on digitizing private market data exchanges, empowering them to streamline communications and data exchanges while generating innovative insights to enhance their decision making for due diligence, portfolio construction, and fundraising processes. Learn more >

eFront ESG

Streamline ESG Reporting

eFront Portfolio Monitoring solution empowers investors to effortlessly collect and analyze ESG information on underlying portfolios throughout the life of their investments. Learn more >

eFront Insight's Research module

Take Benchmarking to the Next Level

eFront Insight's Research module is the part of eFront Insight that incorporates reliable alternative investment benchmarks and performance metrics in sophisticated, high-quality, white-labelled reports on portfolio data. Learn more >

eFront VaR

Enhance Risk Measurement

A built-in partnership with leading academic research, eFront VaR features simulated NAV and cash flow scenarios using a proprietary bottom-up, value-at-risk model for single deals and funds, turning risk measurement into a value enhancing strategy. Learn more >

eFront Data Intelligence

Streamline Data Exchanges

eFront Data Intelligence (EDI) streamlines data exchanges through its SaaS-based information portal supported by data collection services, ensuring that investors always have access to accurate and standardized data. Learn more >

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