Today’s Top Challenges for General Partners


General partners must have the flexibility to cope with changing regulatory frameworks (FATCA, AIFMD, etc.) and increasing reporting demands from their investors.


With increasing levels of competition, general partners need to demonstrate high performance to potential investors in a transparent and intuitive manner.


General partners face increasing pressure to maintain lower fees, with a high level of disclosure in reporting.


With digitization steadily transforming the alternative investment industry, GPs who want to stand out must embrace new technologies and advances.


Integrating a variety of financial software systems is often challenging and time consuming, resulting in errors and inefficiencies.

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I would describe eFront as a great fit – it meets our needs and does what we need it to do.

Peter Bradley
Portfolio Development Manager

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Using eFront we were able to reach significant productivity gains.

Danny Brouillard
Managing Director
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We really like the ability to own the dashboarding and the reporting features ourselves

Matthew Cooper
Associate Director of Investment Operations

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The best thing about Investment Café is that everything is really easy to use.

Daniel Migacz

The eFront Solution Suite for General Partners

eFront Office

Streamline Pipeline

eFront Office enables general partners to optimize their deal flow and fundraising pipeline, from contact management and opportunity tracking to workflow optimization, all from one centralized location. Learn more >

eFront Portfolio Monitoring

Unlock Portfolio Value

eFront Portfolio Monitoring streamlines and automates all portfolio monitoring activities from data collection and standardization all the way to advanced analysis and investor reporting, leveraging eFront’s unparalleled experience in alternative investment technologies. Learn more >

eFront Invest

Manage Alternative Investments

eFront Invest for GP is a web-based solution that streamlines alternative investments, from operational and fund management to investor relationship management, investor allocation, financial statement generation, and fund accounting, offering the broadest set of features in alternative investment technology today. Learn more >

eFront Investment Café

Elevate Investor Relationships

eFront Investment Café transforms investor relationship management, providing a modern, clean and easy to use cloud-based portal in order to guarantee investors secure access to information anytime, anywhere and from any device. Learn more >

eFront Insight

Transform Communications

With eFront Insight, general partners can access an intuitive platform centered on digitizing private market data exchanges, empowering them to streamline investor communications and data exchanges while generating innovative insights. Learn more >

eFront ESG

Streamline ESG Reporting

eFront Portfolio Monitoring solution empowers general partners to effortlessly collect and analyze ESG information on underlying assets throughout the life of their investments, and then report that ESG information to their investors using industry-standard indicators and metrics. Learn more >

eFront Insight's Research module

Take Benchmarking to the Next Level

eFront Insight's Research module is the part of eFront Insight that incorporates reliable alternative investment benchmarks and performance metrics in sophisticated, high-quality, white-labelled reports on portfolio data. Learn more >

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