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eFront Insight LP

    eFront Insight LP offers a sophisticated research module leveraging anonymized and aggregated data combined from multiple data sets coming from the investor and manager sides, at fund and underlying asset levels. It enables alternative investors to conduct advanced and customized benchmarking on their managers and fund investments, all out-of-the-box. It also provides a must-have solution for researchers and investment analysts leveraging one of the most complete data sources and research tools available for alternative investments.

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    eFront Insight GP

      General partners and fund managers can leverage eFront Insight GP to dissect their own performance in the exact same way an investor would do it. They can contrast their overall, fund-level and asset-level performance through multiple relevant and customized benchmarks and shape investor engagement accordingly. Advanced users can use eFront Insight GP’s research module combining multiple anonymized and aggregated data sources to perform more fundamental research about investment value drivers and patterns.

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      eFront Pevara

        eFront Pevara is an alternative investment performance benchmark generated by eFront on a quarterly basis. It feeds some of its other solutions like eFront Insight and eFront Invest. It is also available standalone through the eFront Pevara portal that enables users to drill down on particular geographies, strategies, vintages and sizes and create custom benchmarks relevant to their own portfolios. Data is coming directly from contributing investors’ quarterly cash flows and is thoroughly normalized to avoid biases (e.g. from FX currencies) and duplicates.

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