eFront’s products offer a comprehensive solution for alternative investors looking to manage every aspect of their investments. With dedicated support teams and innovative R&D, clients can rely on eFront to elevate their alternative investments.
  • eFront Insight Sustainability

    Alternative investment professionals have a growing need to access sustainability data to achieve better risk-adjusted returns.
  • Whole Portfolio View

    Bringing together the market leading capabilities of Aladdin for public markets and eFront for private markets sets a new standard.
  • eFront Invest AS

    The alternative investment industry has been characterized by increasing competition and continuous technological disruptions. Now more than ever, asset servicers.
  • eFront Insight GP

    An increasing demand for granular data and customized reporting has made it ever more important for general partners to maintain efficient investor engagement and reporting practices.
  • eFront Insight LP

    As a rising number of limited partners seek to grow their exposure to alternative investments, securing high-quality data and powerful analytics has become increasingly imperative to attaining top quartile performance.
  • eFront Insight Data Services

    Every quarter, alternative investors around the world struggle to collect and transform data on their investments. Aggregating high-quality and consistent data from a wide range of general partners often proves difficult and time-consuming.
  • eFront Office

    eFront Office enables alternative investors to optimize their deal flow and fundraising pipelines while maximizing investor engagement.
  • eFront Insight | Research Module

    Investors seeking to benchmark the performance of their funds need insightful analytics capabilities. Unfortunately, commonly available data and benchmarks are often inaccurate and biased.
  • eFront Portfolio Monitoring

    Ever increasing deal prices, changing regulations, and growing investor demands make it imperative for direct investors to maintain a best in class system to help them generate value from their alternative asset portfolios.
  • eFront Invest GP

    Growing regulatory and investor reporting requirements, combined with increasing pressure on fees, has made it imperative for general partners to maintain thoroughly efficient operations and a single source of truth for their data.
  • eFront Investment Café

    Unorganized email chains and complex document sharing tools can quickly complicate investor relationships, making it challenging for general partners to keep up with reporting requests.
  • eFront Invest LP

    As a growing number of limited partners seek to grow their exposure to alternative investments, it has become increasingly imperative that they maintain thoroughly efficient operations.